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Website specially optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, although best results are experienced with IE 6.
Since Netscape browsers doesn't support some DHTML and JavaScript features wich are used in these pages, and since they work in a different way with pages using layers, the site is not able to be seen in Netscape browsers.
Otherwise, It hasn't been tested in other browsers, such Opera, so if you are using that browser you may experience some errors in viewing the site

This web has been designed to be seen with 24 bits color depht (other high or less resolutions may modifie colors in darker or lighter), on a 1024x768 screen, and with a low ambience light in order to appreciate an optimal color contrast.
So turn the lights off and adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor
until you see the pages properly.

To put your screen in full mode press, after closing this window, F11 in IE.